Weekly and Monthly Dashboard Updates

Macgill Davis

Changelog 0.7.16 - We shipped a new weekly view, monthly view, and a lot more!


Weekly and Monthly View - We revamped the Weekly View and added a new Monthly View. You can easily see your work hours broken down by focus, break, and meeting time. Below the bar chart, you’ll find your projects and categories listed for the time range. On the right, we’ve added your work hours, breakdown, and top categories. We benchmark everything to your previous time range so you can easily spot trends. 

Category View - Clicking on a category in the Weekly or Monthly view opens a bar chart where you can select different time ranges to better understand your trends in specific categories.

New Project View - Clicking on a Project opens the Project view where you can compare projects and select different time ranges. 

New Navigation - You will now find the Day, Week, and Month buttons in the top left side of your dashboard. Above them, you’ll see navigation arrows to easily jump back and forth between views. In the top right side of the dashboard you’ll find the calendar picker.

Offline Google Calendar Meeting Creation - We added offline meeting creation for Google Calendar to better track in person meetings. If we detect a calendar meeting with 2+ attendees that occurs within your work hours while you’re not active on your computer, we’ll automatically create a meeting session with the category of “In Person Meetings”. You can disable this per integration in your settings. 

URL Privacy Mode - We added a new setting that allows you to only send URL domains to Rize for better privacy.

Weekly Email - Each Sunday, we’ll send out a new Weekly Email that provides a snapshot report of your week. We include your hours worked by day, time breakdown and category breakdown as well as trends as compared to your previous week.

Trends in Daily Report - We added a new Trends section to your daily report email. We compare your hours work and breakdown to the averages for your previous week to help you better understand your benchmarks.

Global Shortcut - We add a global shortcut of CMD . to show and hide the Rize app. You can disable it by going to Window > Global Shortcut. We plan on adding more shortcuts as well as shortcut customization.

Rename Workblocks to Sessions - We’re changing Workblocks to Sessions to be more clear.

Bug Fixes

Google Calendar Meetings - There was a bad bug where Google Calendar meeting sessions were overlapping and causing the inflation of meeting time. We apologize to anyone who ran into this. Autodetection of meeting sessions has been a challenge for us with many corner cases. Please reach out if anything feels wrong and we’ll work on improving them.

Up next

Windows Build - Work has started on the Windows build and it’s our top priority over the next few weeks.

Custom Range View - We want to add a custom range view in addition to the Weekly and Monthly Views.

As always, thank you for your continued support. We’re closer than ever before to ensuring we can build Rize for the long-term. If you’re enjoying Rize, please continue to share Rize with your friends and coworkers.