Custom URL Categorization

Macgill Davis

Changelog 0.8.30 - Custom categorization rules for specific URLs, a new Activity Feed, improved Daily Report, and more.

Custom URL Categorization

You can now create different categorization rules for specific URLs to ensure your time is categorized as accurately as possible. Previously, Rize only supported URL domain categorization. For example, all URLs with as the domain could only be categorized to one category only. Now, you can create different categorization rules for individual URLs or paths.

The easiest way to create a custom URL categorization rule is by clicking on a URL in the activity feed that you’d like to categorize. A modal will appear with the domain level categorization rule as well as the top URLs of that domain for the day. 

You can view, create, and edit existing custom URL categorization rules at the bottom of the modal. You can also create a custom URL categorization rule in your Settings > Tracking Rules by clicking on the “Add Custom Rule” button. 

New Activity Feed 

We released a new activity feed where you can search for specific events, scroll back through the day, and click on events for details and custom categorization rules.

Improved Daily Report Email

We added a new summary image to the top of your daily report that shows your Work Hours and Time Breakdown. We also added your Sessions information as well a list of the top people you spent time in meetings with each day. 

Category Settings

You can now edit the names of your categories and delete any unused categories. Head to Settings > Categories to view and edit your categories.

Project Settings

You can now edit Project names and mark Projects as completed. Once you mark a Project as completed, it will no longer show up in your Project select on your dashboard. Head to Settings > Projects to view and edit your projects.

Custom Max Duration of Auto-detected Breaks

You can now set a max duration for auto-detected breaks. Rize will automatically detect and calculate break time when you’re away from your computer for more than 5 minutes and up to an hour. If you’re away from your computer for more than that, Rize will not create a break. Now you can customize that max number to better fit your work habits. You can edit that setting in Settings > General > Max Auto-Detected Break Length.

Window App Fix

We shipped a bunch of improvements to that Windows app that should fix any crashing and lagging associated with using Chrome and Rize. If you run into this issue again, please let us know by reaching out at

Rize Ambassadors

We launched an Ambassador Program for Rize with some pretty nice benefits including: 20% revenue sharing on all referred customers indefinitely, free lifetime Rize subscription, 5 additional lifetime subscriptions to giveaway to friends and family, custom referral link and landing page, and more. You can read more about the program and apply to be an ambassador here:

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Thanks so much for your continued support! We have a lot of exciting features planned for 2022. Hope you have a happy holidays! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feedback.

Photo by Glen Carstens-Peters