New Onboarding + Rize Referral Program

Macgill Davis


  • New Onboarding - We removed Screen Recording permission, added a few steps to explain how Rize works, and moved the entire onboarding process into the macOS application. We also created a waitlist for Windows and Linux users.
  • Magic Link Authentication - We replaced the email and  password Sign In and Sign Up with magic link authentication. Magic Link authentication is a better user experience and proven to be more secure than having to manage passwords. You can still sign in with Google OAuth.
  • Deep Links - We finally added deep links so that we can link from your email browser directly into the macOS application. For example, clicking on the link in your daily email will direct you to the Rize rather than trying to open in your browser. Click here on your desktop to try it out.

  • Excluded Work Hours Categories - We added a setting so you can customize which categories are excluded from your work hours calculation. You can find that in your settings.
  • Excluded Focus Categories We added a setting so you can customize which categories are excluded from focus blocks. You can find that in your settings.
  • Auto-send Daily Digest - Instead of sending a fixed time each day, our daily digest email will not automatically detect when you’ve finished working before delivering to your inbox. Now you can be assured the email accurately reflects your entire day of work.

  • Referral Program - We launched our Referral Program. You can give your friends one free month of Rize by sharing your referral code. You will also receive one free month of Rize for each friend that becomes a subscriber.

Bug Fixes

  • Break Blocks Bug Fix - We fixed a long standing bug where break time was occasionally not being shown visually in timeline.
  • Revamped Tracking Infrastructure - We made a few changes to our tracking infrastructure that make Rize a lot more dependable and scalable.

Up next

  • Projects Tags, Edit Workblocks, Improved Focus Detection, and more - We've received a ton of great feedback over the past few weeks and we're already working on implementing new features. We'll keep you all updated.

Thank you for using Rize. We’ve got a lot of exciting features planned for this spring. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions, issues, or feedback.