Daily Notes Release - Changelog v0.1.0

Macgill Davis

Daily Notes - You can now add notes to daily entry in Rize. If you click the “Add Note” button, you’ll see a composer with a list of items pulled from your day. Click on the items to attach them to your note and add a title and optional description. The title and description support markdown.You can also add tags and star specific notes to save for later.
We hope these notes can be used to build your track record in Rize. Then you can reference them when it's time to put together your promotion packet or polish up your resume for a new role. Check out them out in the dashboard.

We also shipped...

Improved Performance - The dashboard was really slow. We made a number of changes to improve performance including caching your timeline and prefetching previous days. We were able to drop the average load time from ~4s to ~1s. 

Profile Photos - You can now upload a custom profile photo in your dashboard.

In App Support Chat - We added a support chat in the dashboard to make it easier for you to provide feedback and report issues. You should see the chat button in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

Feature Request Board - We added an integration to provide a board where you can submit and upvote feature requests. We’re just testing this out so let us know if this is helpful.
Self Serve Onboarding + Private Beta - We launched self-serve onboarding this past week and more than doubled our number of users. We’ve officially moved from Alpha to Private Beta. If you know of anyone who might be interested, let us know and we’ll send them an invite.

MacOS Performance Issues - We ran into some macOS performance issues last week due to an Apple service being down because of the Big Sur release. You can read more about what happened and how to fix it here. This issue should be completely fixed now but let me know if you’re still seeing it.

Pricing - We've decided Rize will be free while we're in Private Beta. We're still figuring out pricing and whether or not we'll charge for Rize. For now, the most important thing is getting feedback from you all.

Up Next

Weekly View - We want to build a view to easily see your time breakdown for the week. 

Score Details - This item has been outstanding for a while and is still a priority. We want to revamp the score details section to better explain how your scores are calculated and what you can do to improve them.

Thanks taking a chance on using Rize. We're so excited for what's on the roadmap. Feel free to respond here if you have any questions or feedback.