Releasing the new Weekly Productivity Assessment

Macgill Davis

Changelog 0.8.31 - Get actionable insights from our new Weekly Productivity Assessment.

Our mission at Rize is to use data to make you more productive. We’ve been working on ways to provide you with more actionable insights from your tracked data. The newly released Weekly Productivity Assessment is our latest step towards that vision. 

The first version of the Weekly Productivity Assessment went out last week and an update report was sent out this morning. Moving forward, we’ll send out your report every Monday morning to help you understand what areas you can focus on to boost your productivity for the upcoming week. 

The first section of the report covers your Work Hours. It’ll show your work hours by day, your work consistency, and how much you overworked or underworked. You can update your Work Hours target in Settings > Notifications > Work Hours.

After that, we provide a section on your time breakdown. We’ll show your Focus, Break, and Meeting time totals and compare them to your four week average so you can understand how you’re trending. We’ll also provide your Category and Project breakdowns.

Then comes your Focus Section. Here we want to highlight how well you focused in the previous week. We’re reintroducing a Focus Score that measures the quality of your focus time based on various inputs like context switching, length of Focus sessions, and focus time per day. You can also see how much you were context switching and your top distractors.

The Meeting Section shows your meeting time totals along with your 4-week averages. It’s important to keep tabs on your meeting time as it can steadily increase and eat away at your time allotted for deep work.

Finally, your break section highlights how often you’ve been taking breaks. You should shoot for 10% to 25% of your work time in breaks to stay recharged and avoid burnout.

This is our first iteration of the Weekly Productivity Assessment and we have a lot more planned. Feel free to reach out to us with questions or feedback. We’d love to know how we can improve this report for you.

As always, thanks for using Rize!