Command E - Your Everything Search

Macgill Davis

Each week we’ll select a Productivity Tool of the Week. We promote tools that we’ve personally tried and tested with our honest feedback.

CommandE is a desktop app that lets you easily access pretty much anything on your computer or in the products you use like email, documents, and calendar. 

The product gets its name from the keyboard shortcut used to open it, Command + E. It’s similar to Spotlight Search on macOS but with a lot more functionality. The biggest difference between Spotlight Search and CommandE is that the latter integrates with the products you use day to day. I’ve also found the typeahead search to be a lot more accurate.

I’ve integrated CommandE with Gmail, Github, Google Drive, and Twitter. I found it really helpful in opening up pull requests for Rize and jumping quickly into my Calendar or Google Drive. I used to navigate to these spots using Bookmarks in Chrome, but being able to use keyboard shortcuts with CommandE saves a few seconds each time. I love those small optimizations that end up compounding for big efficiency gains over the course of a day or week.

Installing and integrating with CommandE was extremely simple and quick, despite having to integrate with many third party applications. They’ve got an awesome user guide, which dives into how to use the tool as well as security and privacy. 

Overall, I’ve found CommandE to be a welcomed product to my daily toolset that makes my life just a little bit easier each day.

Macgill Davis is the cofounder of Rize - a simple, intelligent time tracker that improves focus and builds better work habits.