- Music to Improve Focus

Macgill Davis

The productivity tool of the week is - a subscription service that provides functional music that improves focus. I’ve been using for a couple months now and I’ve been really impressed with the results. I use it on my laptop but there’s an app you can download too.

I really appreciate that the product is backed by science. You can check out their Science page. I’d definitely recommend this product! 

In addition to being effective, is simple and easy to use. In the web dashboard, you can select the type of music you want to listen to - Focus, Relax, or Sleep - and just go. 

There’s also a library if you want to select a particular song.

Full disclosure, after using for a few days I reached out to their COO, Chandler Perog, and Rize has become an affiliate partner. We’re hoping to collaborate more with and other great productivity-focused companies in the future.

Macgill Davis is cofounder of Rize, a time tracker that improves focus and builds better work habits.