Introducing the Rize Productivity Blog

Will Goto

Our Mission

Our mission at Rize is to enable people to produce their best work and thrive in an increasingly competitive world. While building and shipping our first version of Rize, we adopted a philosophy on how the best knowledge workers are able to deliver the quality of work that they do, and we want to share this philosophy with the world.

Our philosophy roughly starts from a similar position that Cal Newport makes from his book, Deep Work, stating that individuals who are able to deeply focus on work for extended periods of uninterrupted time have a competitive advantage in our current world where quality work is becoming increasingly rare and more valuable at the same time. We support this thesis, but also take it a step further:

Individuals that can systematically measure and use data to improve their ability to focus on work will thrive in our increasingly competitive economy.

Up until now, we didn’t have a clear way to measure someone’s productivity or ability to focus, but with Rize, people can now visualize their day in terms of focus time and quality of focus among other metrics like time in meetings, context-switching, and interruptions. Our product operates as a time-tracking app, but our product design process takes this philosophy on productivity and focus to the core.

Our Content

While we want you to be as productive as possible and to deliver your best work all the time, we know that there isn’t a productivity workflow that is a one-size-fits-all—so the knowledge we’ll be sharing through this blog will be meant for you to absorb and use to tweak your own workflow and make it more optimal. Join our mailing list if the following appeals to you:

  • Evaluation of productivity hacks
  • Evaluation of new productivity tools
  • Tips on optimizing focus time and removing distractions
  • Interviews with high-performing individuals and entrepreneurs
  • Insights into Rize’s product design and development

Personally, we have gone through many improvements and iterations on our own workflows to be able to consistently deliver great work. With just a team of two, we built Rize from nothing to a paid product with customers in just under six months. Many of our customers are surprised that there’s only two of us, similar to how we ourselves were astonished that the Instagram development team was 6 generalist engineers when the app sold to Facebook for $1 billion.

Humans are capable of incredible achievements, and greatness can come from anywhere regardless of background, race, gender, or economic class. However, we believe the common thread amongst those who deliver the best work come from those who prioritize uninterrupted time for intense focus and systematically improve their process.

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